Business Intelligence Transportation Carrier Model

Business Scenario

The client is a leading logistics solution provider having extensive transportation networks and infrastructure facilities and delivering best-in-class services to support the high-volume demands of their customers.

The Challenge

The client operated manually to keep track of all the logistics operations in real-time. Lack of visibility and real-time insights about shipments across multiple carriers were some major challenges for the client. Hence, they wanted to derive analytics that would help in strategizing the right transportation mode and enable dynamic report generation with customization.

Solution Highlights

  • Business Intelligence solution that provides full visibility for all shipments across different carriers and products, ensuring terms and conditions
  • Capability to optimize and find the right mix of items availability, warehouse and related expense optimization using MIRB™ process
  • Comprehensive dashboard providing accurate insights based on selected pivotal attributes such as warehouse, carrier type, divisions, shipment attributes, etc.
  • On-demand report generation with the desired customization such as route distribution, on-time delivery, freight analysis and expense reporting
  • Hassle-free navigation options for quick navigation between a relative set of data sources
  • Executive dashboard with real-time insights


  • Anticipate, account for and reduce the impact of adverse incidents and trends
  • Increased and better control of key business operations
  • Improved decision making with actionable insights
  • Detects inefficient business processes
  • Maximized cost savings