Finance and Accounting Application

Business Scenario

The client is a global product and services company - delivering trusted results and transformative human resource management and payroll system. The company's offerings comprise of payroll, HCM, tax services, compliance and core HR, and also finance applications.

The Challenge

The client was keen to strengthen their business operations and organisational performance by leveraging the advanced business intelligence system.

Solution Highlights

  • Enterprise product enhancement
  • Reporting services
  • Verify, approve or rejects the invoices that will help Accounting Bureau to make the payments
  • Various user interactive features that help users to sort/filter invoices according to their need
  • User can also perform particular operation on single or multiple invoices
  • Automatic email notification on invoice changed
  • User can make notes for invoices to provide any additional information to the other users
  • Automatic payment process
  • Legacy application/product migration


  • Improved and streamlined processes to make payments
  • Optimized process for quick and easy access to financial invoices
  • Increased competitive advantage with advanced reporting services
  • Profitable business operations with product innovations