Green Source Platform

Business Scenario

The client is a renowned name in southern Finland for car recycling and selling of new & used automotive spare parts to vast consumer network, car dealers and automotive repair chains across Finland. They also supply a wide range of spare car parts with the help of their partner network and perform recycling of scrap vehicles. The client shared his vision about creating a platform that provides automatic price estimation for parts with damage exclusion, information on hazardous chemicals for dismantling safety and helps to improve parts resale process.

The Challenge

Car identification and parts categorisation involved a great amount of effort and time. They required expert mechanics to derive the pricing from the damage and vehicle condition.

Solution Highlights

  • Rich informative dashboard – added cars, added parts, the estimated value of cars or parts
  • Car identification based on LP and VIN
  • Extended car information: options, PR codes, equipment codes, fluids & lubricants, hazardous material details
  • OE parts succession and alternate number information
  • OEM pricing and suggested pricing based on the status of a car driven
  • Parts disassembly instructions with assembly vice visualization
  • Import & save parts to inventory
  • Parts vehicle linkage to determine cross model and brand parts usage
  • Direct integration with NOP commerce based part e-commerce platform


  • ~95% accuracy for parts fitment
  • Significant increase in parts resale
  • Automated pricing of dismantled car parts