Digital Transformation in Automotive

Gateway Digital, along with its partner enterprise AutoFacets is a global leader in providing digital automotive solutions, driven by the passion for automotive and focused on delivering futuristic value. With our experience of serving the entire eco-system for over two decades, we partner with automotive enterprises to accelerate and streamline their end-to-end business processes. Our Automotive capabilities reflect from the Gateway Digital's product - 'AutoDAP. A data accuracy platform for aftermarket solution providers developed to help them in achieving the highest level of parts accuracy. We have a consistent mix of profound domain insights, experience, and a varied spectrum of automotive IT expertise which we leverage to support our clients’ core business processes at strategic, tactical, and operational levels. Offering the right mix of digital customer experience and solutions, we help automotive players to create continual growth and smarter ecosystems for their enterprises.


Product design and development

Streamlining dealer/distributor networks

Growing direct-to-customer channels and improving profitability

Advanced driver assistance systems

Vehicle maintenance with remote diagnostics

Supply chain management for product and part recall

Sales and services including auto financing and warranty claims

Futuristic Initiatives

Automotive IoT ecosystem for connected car technology

Big Data analytics to decode customer behavior and define customer experiences

Advanced driver assistance with Machine and Deep Learning intelligent systems

AI algorithms to drive communication between driver and vehicle

AR/VR enabled automotive showrooms for consumers, engineers and employees

Cloud enablement for superior digital experience

Our Achievements

Centralized network with 1000 dealerships for 5 OEMs

Automated competitive analysis for 3 OEM brands across 36 countries

180k service appointments for 300 garages

Serving largest order value of 1 million weekly

Offering customer delight, even in the collision, with service personalization

Telematics-based analysis generating 200+ quality insurance leads daily

Supported flexible mobility models as the digital first concept

Optimizing fleet digitally with 40% OPEX reduction

Remote Backup Solution

Automotive Parts Seller

Improves the accuracy of parts identification from vehicle license plate and reduces part returns effectively which ultimately increases the profitability share.

Connected Car Solution

Green Source Platform

A platform to enable virtual dismantling of vehicles using OEM information for vehicle parts assemblies with an integrated webshop for selling the parts.