Digital Transformation in Banking, Finance & Insurance

The face of the banking and financial services industry has changed in the past several years with the emergence of technology and digital-only services. Gateway Digital unleashes the power of digital transformation for BFSI sector, through its state-of-the-art financial solutions and technology innovations. We are specialized in extending our domain expertise to our customers, to help them to stay competitive, increase market penetration and get the best value of their investments.

We are a trusted source in creating new digital solutions and renewing legacy products through digitization. Our robust financial IT and technology transformation solutions for BFSIs not only address today’s digital disruptive challenges but also encourage businesses to navigate to digital transformation.


Digitally empowered banking, finance and retail solutions

Next generation mobility banking solutions and mortgage delivery system

Investment banking solutions that provide complete visibility of accounts and investments

Highly advanced and secure payment solutions including implementation of one of the largest payment gateways and integration with multiple payment processing solutions

Business intelligence and predictive modelling solutions that manage stocks and securities

Machine learning and cognitive computing based predictive analytics solutions providing consolidated performance management, financial insights and real-time strategic updates

Innovative insurance software, addressing challenges with direct insurance, bank insurance and broker markets

Insurance solutions for automobiles, that track vehicle and driving behavior to derive the premium through Pay How You Drive (PHYD) and Pay as You Drive (PAYD)

Futuristic Initiatives

Cybersecurity services to protect sensitive customer data and intellectual property from cyber criminals

Blockchain based solutions to enhance core financial functions and business-critical areas

Cryptocurrency exchange platform for finance services

AI-powered solution for financial firms

New-age technology and software solutions for banking and financial services through community development, focused on social banking needs

Money transfer through social media

Virtual and paperless banking solutions to help organizations to optimize and organize workflow, save money, lower risk and combat fraud

Our Achievements

55% increase in efficiency through a web-application that automates manual payment processes

40% increase in customers for a leading South African bank that used a Symbian Application to transfer money, manage bank accounts and comply with the banking regulations

33% reduction in batch processing times due to performance optimization of large databases

25% increase in efficiency for multiple accounting bureaus of Finland with the help of a financial invoicing self-service application

Reduced overheads and optimised processes by over 22% for many institutions with our finance software development and banking solutions

Saved around US $400k per annum on operational costs with an automated mortgage loan processing solution

Developed the largest European SEPA compliant merchant banking and interbank platform

Deployed multi-currency foreign exchange trading systems for risk mitigation and real-time visibility

Developed treasury applications for improved treasury transactions

Deployed stock market data dissemination system to support real-time data

Finance and Accounting Application

Finance and Accounting Application

Financial invoicing self-service application used by multiple accounting bureaus