Digital Transformation in Government & Public Sector

The economic, social, and political environment globally seems to be continuously evolving towards digital transformation. This may need for the government to significantly focus on transforming practices in the way public services are being delivered. Government structures require practices which execute thorough and transparent operations, a viable operating model, cost to serve, and assure customer satisfaction.

Gateway Digital helps to be accountable towards one of the most important stakeholders i.e. citizens, that can be compelling the government to review at the entire value-chain of service delivery, including physical and digital infrastructure, health and social services, and defense and public safety.


18 years of experience in serving governments and public sector organizations

Assist the government across each service domain through its tailor-made offering that focuses on innovation, accountability, flexibility, transparency, and responsiveness towards the needs of the citizens

Deliver comprehensive and fully integrated services to meet the specific needs of the government and public sector units

Futuristic Initiatives

Implementing Big Data solution such as Hadoop, Spark, MapReduce, MongoDB, etc. to gather and process huge or complex amount of data and speedup the process

Helping government agencies and departments with their decision-making processes by leveraging contextual real-time information with the help of analytics

Implementing blockchain-based solutions such as distributed ledger, distributed node, crypto currencies etc., that have huge potential to make government operations more efficient and improve the delivery of public services, to increase trust and security

Our Achievements

Award-winning policing solution that won ‘Best application serving multiple jurisdictions in California’

Largest digital solution for enterprise land reforms and transformation

Information processing and management platform for 2 million citizens’ identification (ration) cards

Denmark's 1st public mobility solution for people using public transport

Norwegian Defense Research Establishment enterprise content management and collaboration solution

Business analytics and big data solutions for defense agencies

Citizen-Government technology collaboration solutions using SMAC (Social, Mobile, Analytics, and Cloud)

Digitalized service portfolio for craftsmen in the Middle East

Automatic e-Award Management System for the government of the Middle East

Collaboration portal for leading museum authority in Qatar