Digital Transformation in Healthcare

Patient care and engagement are transcending and with the advent of smart medical devices, healthcare is evolving at a rapid pace. Data intelligence and predictive analytics are playing a pivotal role in both the sectors allowing physicians and patients to know more about the disease and find a cure for it.

The healthcare division of Gateway Digital is dedicated to providing cutting-edge technology to healthcare pioneers leading to digital transformation. Our team is focused to make healthcare more accessible, affordable and patient-centric. We help healthcare payers, providers, manufacturers and distributors in transforming health care experiences.


Connect providers, clinics and pharmacies through EHR and e-prescriptions

Engage patients and providers through virtual clinics and patient education

Patient health record intelligence, symptoms diagnostic, predictive analytics

Medical taxonomy based search platform

Data warehouse and data analytics for payers

Device integrations- digital pen and paper, fitbits, operation videos, biological age test, emergency care app

Helping fortune 500 companies designing and launching health products

HIPAA, HL7, GDPR compliance and data privacy

Futuristic Initiatives

Big-data and analytics platform for hospitals

Biological age test integrated with cardio check devices

Real time location tracking solution for hospitals

Blockchain in pharmacy supply chain

Our Achievements

Secured and robust 'ready-to-use' and 'compliance-ready' healthcare product framework suites

Reduced operational cost by 4 times through Telemedicine solution

Unique on-road safety mobility healthcare solution with thousands of users

Multiple format Big Data-based claim processing system for over 30 insurance companies

Healthcare IT solutions that manages business operations for a chain of over 1500 pharmacies

40% increase in operational excellence with faster compliance transformation