Cyber Security Consulting Services

Leveraging the power of technology, organizations are expanding their digital footprints. As a result of business expansion with uninterrupted connectivity, the risks associated with business are also increasing in terms of quantity and complexity. Organizations are required to be more resilient for providing continuous services to their customers. Thus, it has become extremely important to embed security solutions and defensive shield.

Gateway Digital along with its group business – G’Secure Labs is equipped with 2 SOCs and is EU-GDPR compliant for providing cyber defence against known and unknown threats 24×7. We ensure that resources and security investments are used efficiently and effectively by delivering the right mix of security consulting and Managed Detection and Response (MDR) services.


AI-driven Threat Protection

Threat Hunting

Threat Anticipation

Security Monitoring

Response Orchestration

Alert Response

Coordinated Remediation & Consultation

Vulnerability Analysis and Penetration Testing

Threat Modeling

Forensic Analysis

Compliance Support

Futuristic Initiatives

Technology integrations for industry leading security products to expand Security boundaries and protect client’s cloud and mobility business as well

Strategic alliances with security advisory providers to provide additional security intelligence to our customers