Product Engineering Services

The modern approach to product engineering is based on innovative digital strategies that utilize in-depth market knowledge and cutting-edge technology to engineer a new wave of intelligent products and software applications. Gateway Digital offers a digital-ready environment to continuously innovate products and services, including developing Minimum Viable Products (MVPs) for lean and agile product testing, and providing digital transformation consulting services.

We are committed to deliver product innovations and futuristic software product engineering solutions for customers across diverse domains and technology platforms. Our agile and DevOps product development approach focuses on delivering high quality and a high return on investment (RoI).


More than 110 successful deliveries to 80+ companies worldwide

Representing 160 organizations including leading Fortune 500 companies and the entire automotive, banking and finance, retail, HR and payroll, media and publishing, healthcare and hospitality industry products

Delivered software products that act as a lifeline to more than 400 Nordic government entities

Futuristic Initiatives

IoT engineering services to build upon user needs, unique blend of design, prototype, connectivity and cloud expertise

Predictive analytics model to sharpen forecasts about product success, product failure, uptime, downtime and product performance

Machine Learning models for accurate and robust services in product development

Big Data solutions such as Hadoop, Spark, MongoDB to handle high volume data and provide smooth customer experience

Tailored chatbot implementation in delivering product to gain more customer centricity

Our Achievements

Automated and simplified ITIL service delivery processes for Fortune 500 companies and leading organizations

Developed cloud-based CRM product which can send hand written notes with personal touch to client, where 33% responses turn into sales

Enterprise fleet and transportation management platform for 75,000+ orders every year through 100+ fleet vehiclesin the Nordic region

Educational video publishing community platform handling approximately 2,00,000 students and 2,000 schools in Europe

16,000 merchants worldwide using our payment gateway product suite currently

Email marketing product that helps to deliver 20 million marketing emails and campaigns every month

The Enterprise Room Manager product suite won Good Design Award 2011 by the Chicago Athenaeum, DFA Award 2011 by Hong Kong Design Centre, Best Digital Signage Hardware 2012 at the Best of InfoComm Awards from rAVe Publications, and iF Product Design Award for 2011

Integrated HRM

Integrated HRM Product Suite

An integrated cloud-based HRM application solution for managing HR processes of big and mid-sized companies.